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Here at The Helping Hands Company we like to help people solve problems. It doesn’t matter if you’re problem is big or small, we want to help. We have been building and designing websites for over 10 years and we aim to make every website as unique and stylish as you want it to be.

Making your mark on the internet is harder than ever these days, so first impressions are very important. We work very closely with the best in the business industry to make sure you create the right image for your business from day one. We will take you through everything that we are going to do for you step by step, and we only implement the work when you approve the designs for the work we are going to do for you.

We cover everything that your business is going to need to make the best impression to your customers. Whatever you are looking for, we can help you to achieve your business goals. If its a new website that you are looking for then were here to help. Or maybe your looking for a managed website, whatever your website needs are we will help in any way that you need us to. If its promotional services that you are looking for, then look no further as we can put a package together to fit your budget. We are here to help you solve your problems.

We offer private email services, hosting services, advertising products and services, company branding and many other products and services to help your company to be the best it can be. No matter what you need help with one of our team will be there to help you every step of the way. We will be there as much or as little as you need us. Like we always say at The Helping Hands Company, many hands make light work.

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  1. Hello friend,
    This is very informative article you have created. I personally have been looking for a way to build my personal website and I am very glad I found your website.

    You have a lot of services to offer and I’m very impressed, especially the fact that you can help me not just to get my own website built, but also get it hosted by you. I will also love it as you mentioned to advertise my products for me on the social media, such as Facebook, Google plus, Pinterest, twitter and others.

    But my question is, how do I get your services and where should I go to to be ale get started with building my website?

    I will appreciate your reply.

    Thanks .

  2. This is really cool. I always wanted to get into online marketing but there is so much to get a handle on. And it can be kind of overwhelming. As of right now I need help with website hosting and building. I have been looking around and there either too expensive or do low quality work. So this would be a big help for me, how do I get in contact with you?

  3. This is a really interesting range of services offered to website owners. You sure can help a lot of businesses.

    Do you also perform website evaluations in order to give specialized advice as to how a site could be improved and get better traffic? And possibly offer your services to accomplish those specific improvements?

    • Hi Eliane,

      We have sent you an email regarding your enquiry and thank you very much for your questions. We look forward to speaking to you soon.

      Thank you

  4. These services could be just what I have been looking for. In regards to SEO: I am quite new to the world of blogging, I believe I need help with SEO, but I am not 100% sure what is not working right or how to rectify it, Is this the type of service you offer?

  5. That’s quite an impressive list of services. Starting a new business can be a daunting task, and new owners can use all the help they can get! I am particularly interested in Payment gateways, and I’ve recently started learning about them. I’m sure I’ll be requesting help with them soon!

  6. Hi, I am in the process of starting a blog here with WordPress and feeling stuck.

    1/ How do I know which theme is suitable for my niche?
    2/ If I am running an affiliate website, do I need to set up an online store?
    3/ What sort of tool do you recommend for social media posting?

    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Cathy,

      We would love to answer your questions, but we would need you to set up an account with us first. We want to help everyone and all our customers have an account set up so that we can give them the specialist advice they are paying us for.

      Thank you

  7. Hi , Wondering if you guys can tell me a little bit about your website building?
    I work with beauty salon and spa owners to increase their profitability, and website building is a large part of what we would like to offer.
    A lot of estheticians and beauty therapists don’t have the time to commit to building a website from scratch, but in these times it is essential for their business growth.

    • Hi Tracy¬†

      We offer a wide range of website services from new builds to website management. We can also build membership website and we also offer affiliate programs to all our customers. We can also offer a full hosting service, as well as advertising services if needed. if you need anymore information please feel free to get in touch through our contact form

  8. This is a great name for a business and you have it down. Have you heard of gary vee before? He talks about giving value a lot and thats what you guys are doing here. Its really a great service and honestly the best way to gain things in return too, that is giving value. Some great services here. You guys must have a talented team.

  9. It is a good idea to have a website that help beginner website to get accelerate to the advance level.
    It is has mentioned that you can promote the website using Facebook ,Twitter and Pinterest.

  10. This is great for business. It can be really difficult getting things sorted. I like the way that you have broken down the steps of what to do and what you can help with. This is very useful and I can see that you put in effort and care about helping businesses.

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